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The Ware Family Association

Ware's Grove Lutheran Church near Butler, IL.

The Ware Family Association was created in August 11, 2001, at Ware's Grove, near Butler, Illinois, for those interested in the history and descendents of Robert Ware of Dedham, Massachusetts.

Please add your name to our mailing list, especially if you are descended from Robert Ware.  We do not sell our list, so you won't be getting spammed.  We do mail out occasional notices of Association events.

Ware's Grove is a beautiful spot in green Illinois.  The general meeting and reunion will be held there again in August, 2003.  It is the kind of event where you can turn toddlers loose without worrying about them, and the desserts last year were sinful.  To read more, click Calendar of Events.

The Ware Family Association