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Welcome to the website of the Independence Day Family Association!

We are an association dedicated to preserving family connections (of both blood relatives and not-officially-related good people) and the land (presently ten acres in northeastern Kansas), and to perpetuating the annual Fourth of July party. We have a lot of big plans, most of which are still just plans, but check back here for updates over the next few years - and, hopefully, decades.

From the President: Pie!
That is what this organization is really all about. Eating pie, out in the country, on the Fourth of July. Oh, yes, there is all the stuff in the Kick Start Plan about summer camps for kids and retirement cottages for pie-eating seniors, but the main thing is that this is an organization of people who like to make and eat great pies.

The Board has reduced annual dues to $20! Only $20 per year, now.

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