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WARE, James Lavon (male)
Father1912WARE, James Fayette
Mother3 May 1910MORRIS, Nellie Lois
Birth19 Dec 1936Omaha, NE

LUBIN, Paula Jo (female)
Father20 Jun 1913LUBIN, Louis
Mother28 Aug 1917SPILLMAN, Miriam (Mary)
Birth9 Mar 1949Kansas City, MO

Family of WARE, James Lavon & LUBIN, Paula Jo
Marriage4 Oct 1969Kansas City, MO
Girl7 Dec 1974WARE, Alexandria

LUBIN, Louis (male)
Father4 Jul 1886LUBIN, Mayer (Meyer, Myer)
Mother1 Mar 1889LERNER, Sophia
Birth20 Jun 1913740 Snyder Ave., Philadelphia, PA
Death31 Mar 1999Unknown

SPILLMAN, Miriam (Mary) (female)
FatherAbout 1888SPILLMAN, Joseph Louis
MotherAbout 1888ENGEL, Fanny Ann
Birth28 Aug 1917Kansas City, MO
Death16 Oct 1999Lawrence, KS

Family of LUBIN, Louis & SPILLMAN, Miriam (Mary)
Marriage23 Apr 1941Kansas City, MO
Boy24 Jul 1942LUBIN, Frederic Stephen
Girl9 Mar 1949LUBIN, Paula Jo
Boy4 Nov 1959LUBIN, Mitchell Sinclair

SPILLMAN, Joseph Louis (male)
FatherUnknownSPIELMAN, Herschel (?)
MotherUnknownBECKER, Rebeccah
BirthAbout 1888Russia
Death8 Jul 1961Unknown

ENGEL, Fanny Ann (female)
BirthAbout 1888Russia
Death21 May 1941Unknown

Family of SPILLMAN, Joseph Louis & ENGEL, Fanny Ann
GirlUnknownSPILLMAN, Sophie
Girl26 Jan 1911SPILLMAN, Pauline
Girl28 Aug 1917SPILLMAN, Miriam (Mary)
GirlUnknownSPILLMAN, Gertrude
Girl1927SPILLMAN, Sharlyne Marjorie

LUBIN, Frederic Stephen (male)
Father20 Jun 1913LUBIN, Louis
Mother28 Aug 1917SPILLMAN, Miriam (Mary)
Birth24 Jul 1942Kansas City, MO

WHITEMAN, Dixie (female)
Father1910WHITEMAN, Joe
Mother1914KITTRELL, Eddith
Birth5 Oct 1946Unknown

Family of LUBIN, Frederic Stephen & WHITEMAN, Dixie
Marriage4 Aug 1969Lawrence,KS
Girl18 Jan 1970LUBIN, Jennifer Sarah
Girl16 Jun 1973LUBIN, Terra Kachina
Girl7 Sep 1979LUBIN, Maya Miranda

LUBIN, Mitchell Sinclair (male)
Father20 Jun 1913LUBIN, Louis
Mother28 Aug 1917SPILLMAN, Miriam (Mary)
Birth4 Nov 1959Kansas City, MO

DREW, Sara D (female)

Family of LUBIN, Mitchell Sinclair & DREW, Sara D
Marriage8 Aug 1991Kansas City, MO

LUBIN, Mayer (Meyer, Myer) (male)
Birth4 Jul 1886Russia
ImmigrationUnknownTo Philadelphia from Russia
Death21 Apr 1960Kansas City, MO

LERNER, Sophia (female)
FatherUnknownLERNER-LERINMAN, Israel
MotherUnknownFEDER, M. L.
Birth1 Mar 1889Russia
Death28 Jun 1942Unknown

Family of LUBIN, Mayer (Meyer, Myer) & LERNER, Sophia
Marriage9 Apr 1900Orphan's Court, Philadelphia, PA
Boy3 Nov 1910LUBIN, Harry
Boy20 Jun 1913LUBIN, Louis
Boy29 Dec 1919LUBIN, Leon

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