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In recognition of our ancestors;
In celebration of the commitments that bind us;
In preparation for those to come;

We, the founding trustees, hereby create "The Family."
We are creating a new, open-ended association that begins
with the inspiration of our loved ones today and extends through time.

The Family will keep "The Archive" of its members and ancestors.
This collection will connect the generations and will be the memory
from which a new family culture blooms.

We accept stewardship of "The Family Farm" as a safe haven of
peace and support; a place to be educated by the life of the land
with all its infinite future history.

With these aspirations, we hereby consecrate

The Family, The Archive, and The Family Farm

James L. Ware
Paula J. Ware
Kathryn A. Ware
John D. R. Ware
Jennifer Lubin