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Fred Barnsong's Money Makers

Gardener Fred Barnsong, Famed seer of Kansas and zen master of the material plain has re-emerged from the cultural compost pile once again offering lepidopterous mentations and techno-diddybibbles to the greedy multitudes of neo-millenial million-dollar money-making:

The Digital Utensil: When you wanna wipe the last of the pistaschio pudding from the bowl don't use that dirty finger! Use the soft plastic molded replica of a human finger mounted on a regular spoon handle! Kids will love it but may use it to occasionally flip you the bird. Suggest black, brown, and pink varieties. It's digital!

The Condom Chess Set:

Fill-'em with plaster

Weight-'em with lead;

Queens will get off

But Bishops turn red!

The rats are rustling and that's Garderner Fred's call to mosey on back to the samsara. Until next time . . . MORE PIE!

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